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The Leading Manufacturer Of Sleep Surfaces

D&I  Mattress Manufacturer is a top-tier mattress manufacturing facility boasting extensive experience in this field. Our immense selection of machinery gives us an impressive reach with clients, allowing for an attractive variety in providing products and services tailored perfectly to meet our customers' needs!

We've risen to the top of consumer markets and industries alike with our groundbreaking mattress-making ideas. Our products are renowned for their superior quality, proving that excellence really does pay off!

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D&I Mattress Manufacturer’s Mission

D&I  Mattress Manufacturer is a unique provider of top-notch manufactured products tailored to customer specifications. We strive for excellence in quality product construction and incomparable customer service. Our mission at D&I Mattress Manufacturer seeks continual self-improvement while prioritizing employee successes and, above all else, delivering optimal value through competitive pricing!

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Whether you decide to chat online or swing by our store for a personalized experience, we'll help you find your ideal mattress paired with sleep essentials that are tailor-made just for you. 

Committed To Producing Quality Products & Delivering Top-Class Customer Services

D&I Mattress Manufacturer is a high-end mattress production company committed to creating sleep surfaces that combine comfort and luxurious style for optimum rest. Our dedication to premium quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and innovative technology ensure each product we produce will deliver lasting satisfaction.

Our mattress manufacturing process is designed with attention to detail and precision to create comfortable sleep surfaces for each customer’s body type and sleeping habits.

Comfort should be more than just a fleeting moment of luxury after a long day of work or school. That’s why we invest significant resources into research & development to continue innovating designs that will improve your overall sleeping experience year after year. 

With D&I Mattress Manufacturer, you can rest assured that you have invested in a quality product built with cutting-edge technology combined with dedicated craftsmanship backed by extensive industry experience! 

Client Testimonials

Some thoughts shared by our clients about us.
I am very happy with D&I Mattress Manufacturer. They have the best quality, best prices and excellent customer service. I definitely recommend D&I Mattress Manufacturer 😊🛌
Hugo Salguero
Hugo Salguero
Raul Villagrana
Raul Villagrana
They have all type of mattresses with very less price compared to the other retailers. I would recommend this store for quality mattresses with better price. Very good customer service.
Narendra C
Narendra C
Very good mattress and good service.
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera
Great quality mattresses with a nice selection and the customer service was outstanding!! I can’t say how pleased I was with the entire experience. Absolutely would recommend.
Erin Lakenen
Erin Lakenen
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